Galvanized Iron Roof

We bring new life and new colour to your iron roof avoiding the need of expensive re-roofing. You’ll be amazed at the results we can achieve! The principal reason for re-coating a roof is to re-colour and restore the overall finished appearance – resulting in a renewed look for your roof.

Preparation and Repairs

All loose nails will be removed and refixed with screws.  All ridges, valleys and flashings will be checked and repaired or replaced as required.

Cleaning and Treatment

The roof will be waterblasted to remove all dirt, loose and flaking materials.  If moss and mould is present the roof will be treated.

Rust Treatment

Any areas of red or white rust will be treated with long-lasting, anti-corrosion paint to hold and prevent any further rusting.

Roof Paint

High quality acrylic colour coat applied.


A sealant is applied to provide protection against UV and weathering. This completes the roof protection system.