Decramastic Chipped Roof

Putting your decramastic roof right at the right price. We will add years of life and new colour to your stone chip roof. No need for expensive re-roofing, we use the world’s best decramastic coating and bonding technology to put your roof right.

Preparation and Repairs

Any dents in the chip coated tiles will be popped out where possible and tiles will be replaced where they cannot be repaired. Ridges, flashings and valleys will be checked and repaired or replaced as required.


The roof will be soft washed.  If there is mould and lichen growth the roof will be treated.

This process may take a few weeks to kill off the growth before it can be removed.

Rust Treatment

Any areas of red or white rust will be treated with long-lasting, anti-corrosion paint to hold and prevent any further rusting.

Roof Paint

High quality acrylic high build topcoat, encapsulating stone chips applied.